Case Studies

British Telecom

British Telecom selects Oregan Networks to perform Mediaroom Migration to Enhanced Hybrid TV Software Platform for Delivery of BT Sports

From fall of 2010, British Telecom, UK’s leading provider of TV, broadband and telephony worked with Oregan Networks to integrate a higher level of security, flexibility and maintainability for its Set Top Box client software, to deliver on an enhanced content strategy, aiming to increase ARPU and Pay TV market share, in time for the London Olympics.

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Telefonica has launched Oregan-powered Over the Top video service as part of an integrated strategy to deploy a new compelling entertainment offering and grow the the high speed broadband subscriber base in multiple geographical markets.  The innovation targets created a need for a new, more flexible, approach to the video delivery platform design allowing Telefonica to embrace the possibilities of internet networks, web technologies and hybrid broadcast applications.

As Telefonica expanded its operations across Latin America, the necessity to create a uniform video delivery platform that can scale the number of applications fast and be easily adapted to each country’s specifics became the lynch pin of  its operational efficiency. For the telecom operator of Telefonica’s magnitude, the use of disparate systems and brands became inefficient, slowing down new feature development and thus reducing the competitive strength of the operator. Oregan's digital TV expertise and software were enlisted to enable Telefonica's LATAM and Pan-European Over the Top strategy through a single "global" Software Development Kit.

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Connected Consumer Electronics

  • Since the launch of its first connected TV product in 2009, Oregan’s Onyx software enables a simple and uniform way for consumers to stream popular catch-up and premium movie services, as well as accessing photo sharing and social networking sites on their televisions.
  • Certification for compliance with rigid security standards set by major Hollywood studios and broadcasters, including Disney, Warner Bros., and BBC - enables delivery of new titles in high definition.
  • HTML web standards-based approach to application authoring enables publishers to quickly create and deploy portals and applications across multiple hardware and form factors.
  • Amazon Lovefilm, BBC iPlayer, Tesco Blinkbox, Google YouTube can be accessed by consumers at a touch of a remote control button.
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Sony Computer Entertainment

Internet and Media browser for Playstation 2

Oregan was contracted by SCEE to port its middleware and TV browser onto Sony PlayStation 2, enabling online multiplayer gaming functionality as well as enhancing the console's interactivity and entertainment features. The solution equips Sony with interactive marketing tools, enabling it to build a global online community of PlayStation enthusiasts on the Central Station portal and promote new game releases.


VOD client and TV browser for Pay TV

Oregan was engaged by Philips ITV to develop a customized version of its TV browser and VOD client. Oregan's software is embedded on the latest generation Video over IP module, installed in Philips hotel Pay TV and institutional TV deployments worldwide. Oregan's solution provides delivery of VOD and IPTV content from a Kasenna video server, in addition to Internet web browsing and interactive services.


IPTV client and TV Browser for broadband video services

Oregan provides IPTV client and TV browser technology used in STBs deployed by telecommunications giant NTT, for delivery of video over IP services on high-speed xDSL networks in Japan. Oregan's software provides a comprehensive solution for Japanese market requirements, including keyboard Input Method Editors and predictive text input solutions that mirror the human interface of a Japanese iMode phone.