Connected Consumer Electronics

Harnessing the power of HTML for secure delivery of multiple OTT services across Pan-European connected retail devices


  • Since the launch of its first connected TV product in 2009, Oregan’s Onyx software enables a simple and uniform way for consumers to stream popular catch-up and premium movie services, as well as accessing photo sharing and social networking sites on their televisions.
  • Certification for compliance with rigid security standards set by major Hollywood studios and broadcasters, including Disney, Warner Bros., and BBC - enables delivery of new titles in high definition.
  • HTML web standards-based approach to application authoring enables publishers to quickly create and deploy portals and applications across multiple hardware and form factors.
  • Amazon Lovefilm, BBC iPlayer, Tesco Blinkbox, Google YouTube can be accessed by consumers at a touch of a remote control button.

Deploying Brands

  • Dixons Logik TV
  • Marks & Spencer’s TV
  • Digital Streams Technology
  • Cello iViewer

Market Overview

Internet, as the new medium of communication, entertainment and education radically changes the paradigms of engaging with TV audiences. Targeted advertising, on-demand viewing, recommendation engines, social networking and a variety of applications that enhance the viewing experience have become accessible to broadcasters thanks to the immediacy of the web.

Latest industry research confirms the increasing role the Internet channel:

  • 123 million internet-connected TVs are expected to be shipped annually worldwide by 2014, according to Display research.
  • Percentage of globally shipped connected TVs will reach 80 % by 2016, as per the same source.
  • 72% of connected-TV owners say the connected platform makes watching TV more convenient, and 65% said the technology makes the TV experience more enjoyable.
  • Completion rates of Internet ads in conjunction with professional content have reached 76 %, which is higher compared to those in user generated content with 63 %, according to a research conducted by Adobe.

Video ushers the golden era of the Internet

It is clear that with broadcasters on board, Internet is able to not only fulfil its new role as a means of entertainment, but also introduce new models of monetisation through branding, advertising and sponsorship. New generation of middleware technologies from Oregan allow for access to core viewership statistics in real time, introducing an opportunity for sophisticated data mining and marketing techniques with a new degree of precision.

Investing in online video is no longer optional. Consumers are hungry for online content and ready to take this journey with recognised brands. Internet standards, such as HTML 5, HBBTV and connected TV from DTG pave the way for scalable deployment for content across multiples screens

The Challenges

The key challenges of delivering Internet connectivity and content to early connected retail devices reflected the novelty of the medium. Broadcasters, internet publishers and device manufacturers were faced with multiple questions:

  • Security of the AV streaming mechanism and device architecture,
  • Internet bandwidth challenges in the non-QOS delivery scenario,
  • App creation technology that allow to minimize multi-platform deployment,
  • Creating a simple mechanism for content and application navigation for the 10-foot User Interface.

Oregan provides the manufacturers with a fully encompassing hybrid media delivery engine from any source, complete with CE-HTML, adaptive bitrate streaming, DRMs and secure transaction mechanisms, as well as supporting traditional broadcast TV components and DLNA standards.

The Features

  • The Onyx solution powering connected TVs is developed by Oregan as a consumer-facing brand of its Oregan Media Browser - a web delivery platform for connected TVs and Hybrid IP-STBs.
  • Based on deep consumer insights gathered through end-user focus groups, Onyx features an easy-to-use and rich Graphical Interface for family-style living room entertainment. The mix of services available on Onyx caters for a variety of audiences and is a blend of mainstream catch-up TV programming such as BBC iPlayer, with user generated content and social networking applications, such as YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.
  • The global content search capability is activated through a single screen, and includes options for context-sensitive searching of video on the Internet, as well as home network devices containing media on a storage drive.
  • Devices feature simplified set up process, comprehensive media format support and energy efficiency.
  • The built-in CE-HTML Internet browser, W3C Widgets engine and standards based media APIs of Onyx, simplify the design and delivery of new media services and applications. Oregan's Open W3C Widgets Platform - The Widgetry - is used by its CE customers as an extensible framework for scheduled and user-initiated downloads of new widget based applications. The company provides a Software Development Kit for to developers who wish to create innovative apps for televisions powered by Onyx.
  • In addition to Web TV services, Onyx enables discovery and streaming of personal media stored on PCs, mobile phones and digital cameras that are compliant to DLNA 1.5 standards.