Optimise value generated by legacy equipment

We understand the imperatives of keeping existing customers inspired by your product and introducing new features just in time. Our IPTV legacy migration methodology addresses key pillars of a transition project cost-effectively, minimising risk, leaning on our extensive market experience.

  • Strategies For Reducing Hardware Opex
  • Managing Technical Risks of Transitions
  • Field Roll-out Logistics

CPE and technology refresh cycles have traditionally sapped resources and attracted massive portions of an MSO’s CAPEX and OPEX. The ability to prolong the useful life of hardware whilst extending features and avoiding service disruption is a challenge that has a global relevance. Oregan’s engineering and expert programme management teams created a migration methodology backed up and proven by real network deployments by British Telecom.

Milya Timergaleyeva, VP Market Strategy – Oregan Networks

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Legacy Upgrade for Mediaroom Deployment (PDF)