Oregan Media Browser Specifications


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Bringing Over The Top Content to Mainstream CE

The Onyx browser is a state of the art implementation of open web and home networking standards in a single compact software stack packaged and presented as a consumer TV application framework. Onyx empowers TV and STB brands to introduce new connected TV features in compressed timescales and in a way that is extensible, customisable and obsoletion-proof.

A broad spectrum of on-demand media, news and social networking applications are available through a single, easy to navigate HTML User Interface.

The user experience with Onyx is consistent across all the platforms: it takes minutes to set them up and it is regularly updated with new fresh content and apps.

CE Brands Benefits
  • Designed for the hybrid Freeview and Freesat TVs
  • A complete managed suite of web services
  • Regular upgrade service
  • Open architecture
  • Fast time to market

Powered by Industry Standards

Onyx browser is built upon the solid foundation of the Oregan Media Browser technologies incorporating a presentation layer and media streaming engine. Device manufacturers and service providers can extend the functionalities of the device using HTML, AJAX and W3C Widget specifications.

The Unified User Interface framework allows developers to create a single construct of graphical assets and XHTML and JavaScript interactivity for all types of enabled content sources, such as remote web and broadcast DVB / ATCS content, local media (HDD, USB drive), home network content, and ultimately the device User Interface and settings.

Design for cost-efficiency

Onyx UI and apps are optimised for CE devices where the Bill of Materials is the measure of a successful product design. This means it can run on the CPUs as low as 500 MIPS in processing power.