Oregan Media Browser

As part of its technology assets portfolio, Oregan Networks provides a lightweight embedded STB client middleware platform for delivery of Digital TV services to IPTV and Hybrid STBs. Oregan's platform encapsulates a blueprint combination of open Internet standards with carrier-grade networking, security and quality of service monitoring modules.

OMB5 is a modular, multi-process middleware, designed to run on Linux OS or its derivatives. OMB 5 is POSIX compatible, allowing for rapid platform porting, whilst affording interoperability with necessary third-party libraries and applications, including content protection solutions.

Oregan provides a complete media delivery client platform and, optionally, a user experience layer. The features incorporated into the middleware are exposed to the User Experience application using standard HTML5 and JavaScript APIs.

The functions available allow a fully-featured Hybrid STB middleware stack to be rapidly assembled and deployed on target hardware, with all features being optionally included at compile-time in accordance with project requirements.

Each feature module compiles to a standalone process and can be built to run standalone or integrated with third party middleware stack architectures. Multicast packet loss and error correction is addressed through a mixture of AL-FEC, RET and RET repeat features where supported by the CDN infrastructure. OMB5 also supports fast channel change technologies from Nokia (Alcatel-Lucent) and Cisco to provide lightning fast service switching.