Oregan's Onyx Browser Delivers Uninterrupted Video Streaming for 'Over the Top' Internet Channels on TV

Onyx fulfils the need for video Quality of Service inside Connected Consumer Electronics Designed for Accessing a Growing Array of Network Media Services, Including User-generated and Studio Content

London, UK, December 3rd, 2009 - Oregan Networks, an embedded multi-source media browser company, has announced availability of Onyx for connected TVs and STBs, which is now equipped with an enhanced uninterrupted video streaming capability. The new mechanism allows for the unicast video streaming services to be delivered to non-PC consumer electronics in any format, in real time and without the need to buffer or store files on devices.

The adaptive streaming logic inside the Onyx browser enables the bitrate of the video, and therefore its quality to be continuously adjusted to the actual broadband capacity available to a device within the household at any given time. The adaptive streaming capability is now an integral part of the media streaming player inside Onyx, ensuring network glitches have little or no perceived effect on the Internet video viewing experience.

Milya Timergaleyeva, Oregan's VP of Market Strategy said, 'According to Oregan's consumer research, at least 82% of users are concerned that the web video watching experience would be compromised by excessive buffering time. Adaptive streaming offers a solution to the bandwidth sustainability challenges and is rapidly gaining traction in the long-form online video market, as the amount and types of content available to consumers on the public Internet are exponentially rising. Adaptive streaming resolves consumers' frustration with the time it takes to start video playback, as well as sudden interruptions to the stream when the player needs to re-buffer before continuing the show - unacceptable in a commercial Over the Top service environment.'

Oregan's Onyx for networked HDTVs, is based on Oregan Media Browser technology, that is able to stream both encrypted and clear video in various encoding standards, including H.264, WMV9 and Flash® video.

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Oregan Networks provides lightweight media browser solutions for retail consumer electronics and carrier grade IPTV appliances, enabling delivery and sharing of Internet video, music and photos. Since incorporation in 1997, over 3.5 million units of Oregan's software have been licensed to leading global brands, including Sony Computer Entertainment, Philips Consumer Electronics and NTT. The company's headquarters and primary R&D centre are located in London UK, with branch offices in USA, Japan, Korea and Taiwan.

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