Telefonica launches OnVideo, innovative solution for the connected home

São Paulo, Brazil - 11th August 2010 - Telefonica sets out at ABTA2010, the biggest pay TV Expo in Latin America (August 10-12, 2010), converged solutions for the connected home and launches OnVideo. This is a new service in Brazil that allows the user access to the best video content. The OnVideo offers over two thousand film titles, documentaries and series from major national and international studios; as well as online content, like YouTube, on the TV screen.

With the concept of multi-technology experience, convergence and convenience, OnVideo is the first product of the Brazilian market this line, which will give the user easy access through the remote control, information and entertainment, as online content and movie rental developed especially for the TV screen. The OnVideo also allows access to a kind of information portal, updated every minute - the preference of the user, such as weather, sports, news and horoscope. The contents of the virtual video store can be rented - entitling the user to assist them in periods ranging from 24 hours to 48 hours - or purchased and stored on hard disk inside the equipment, paying from US$3.90.

The OnVideo also offers the possibility to view on TV, with easy access by remote control, all the user's personal multimedia content (photos, videos) - through the use DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance), which allows the sharing of multimedia files devices (computers, cell phones) connected to the network client (Wi-Fi or Ethernet). The OnVideo has USB input for easy use and reproduction of the contents of the user and supports all major audio and video formats for playback of files.

For access to online content is only necessary to have a broadband connection. The OnVideo will be available from the second fortnight of August for a client group Telefonica and TVA for $19.90 monthly. The product evolution will happen in September when the marketing will begin in conjunction with the PVR (Personal Video Recorder) that also allows recording of video content.

Titles available in the virtual video store are the result of a partnership between Telefonica and Scott. The interface of the product was developed by Telefonica, using software from Oregan Networks.

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