Global Software and Platform SDK for Hybrid Over the Top Services in Latin America

Case study of a multiregional service deployment

Telefonica is continuously in search for new ways of enhancing the value to its customers. As the OTT market is poised to complement traditional Pay TV, we've made it certain that the best of connected home entertainment is within reach of our subscribers in the environment most suited for its consumption, directly on TV.

Oregan's platform has allowed us to address this market quickly and cost-effectively, while providing our User Experience team with the tools that enabled creation of a unique experience.

Fernando Garcia, Head of OTT Strategy and Products at Telefonica.


  • Oregan's new STB software version delivers a convergence stack for the emerging DVB-T and ISDB-T markets in Latin America and Europe.
  • The software combines traditional digital terrestrial and over the top video delivery capabilities.
  • The stack has been trialed and deployed in Argentina, Brazil and Spain.
  • Remote upgrade and diagnostics solution from Oregan enable regular feature enhancements.

Market Overview

The landscape for digital television in Latin America is changing fast. With the majority of regions including Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Chile and Venezuela preparing for the digital switchover, Latin America could leapfrog more developed digital TV markets despite being late to the party. Unlike many European telecoms providers that are hampered by legacy technologies in the field, Latin American telecom providers and device manufacturers could be in a position to offer more advanced over-the-top services that make use of broadcast and IP domains, from the start. By starting from green fields, Latin America will benefit from a less disparate and confused television environment as telecom operators, manufacturers and media content providers can work together from the beginning to form the industry.

The New Approach to System Design

As Telefonica expanded its operations across multiple geographies and grown through a series of acquisitions, a strategy to create a uniform video delivery platform that can scale the number of applications fast and be easily adapted to each country's specifics became the lynch pin of its operational efficiency. For a telecoms operator of Telefonica's magnitude, the use of disparate systems and brands became inefficient, slowing down new feature development and thus reducing the competitive strength of the operator.

Oregan's suite of STB enabling technology building blocks for secure delivery of hybrid video services over both managed and Over the Top networks, allowed Telefonica to create custom regional versions of software using a single Software Development Kit. The features and User Interface versions requested by local business units became available to each geography as bespoke binaries, whilst maintaining a common generic code base.

Overcoming Hybrid TV Complexity

Oregan Networks provides Telefonica with Internet TV Set Top Box technologies, which deliver international Broadcast and Internet Protocol media functionalities in a single software stack. The company has supplied variants for the Latin American and European markets that have adopted the DVB-T or ISDB-T digital broadcast standards on their paths towards the digital switchover.

As part of its multi-regional hybrid solution for Telefonica, Oregan has implemented the requirements of the emerging Broadband and PayTV markets in Latin America, based on the trend for the ISDB-T standard, adopted by the majority of countries in the region, including Brazil, Argentina, Chile and Peru, to become the second most widely spread Digital TV standard.

The Latin American version of Oregan Media Browser provides a blueprint of essential building blocks for delivery of content over broadband and broadcast networks in the region, namely:

  • Adaptive bitrate internet streaming capability, allowing Telefonica to address bandwidth-constrained and peak usage network conditions;
  • Broadcast receiver module, supporting ISDB-T International, also known as SBTVD, for either Free-To-Air (FTA) or Conditional Access System (CAS) protected broadcast video;
  • TR-069 and TR-135 module, enabling bidirectional monitoring and control of the Set Top Box, providing essential QoS information related to the performance of the STB as well as monitoring WAN, LAN and Broadcast network status;
  • Home media networking functions, enabling DLNA 1.5 based photo, music and video sharing;
  • End-to-end server and client solution for Remote Upgrade and management of STBs in the field, featuring security and group management capabilities.
  • Digital Rights Managements (DRM) and Conditional Access System (CAS) implementations, facilitating studio-approved levels of content protection.

Oregan's ISDB-T stack is designed to the SBTVD specifications, also known as ISDB-T International, and has been field proven with broadcasts across countries in Latin America, including Argentina, Chile, and Brazil where it has also successfully passed the certification by ANATEL (Agência Nacional de Telecomunicações), the Brazilian telecoms regulator.

A recent wave of adoption that swept across Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Chile, Venezuela, Costa Rica and other countries preparing for the digital switchover, has clearly demonstrated the significance of ISDB-T, creating a homogenous and maturing market of scale that will facilitate economical price points for hybrid ISDB-T receivers. Oregan's hybrid STB software stack offers telecom operators and manufacturers a rapid entry to the market, to keep pace with the global trend for browser-based content and media delivery across broadcast and IP domains.

The DVB-T version of Oregan's hybrid software stack for European and Asian markets, as well as Colombia and Panama is designed to meet D-Book and E-book certification requirements.

Oregan is a British-based internet television technology vendor, with headquarters in London, UK, and a global footprint of IPTV deployments stretching from the Asia Pacific - to EMEA and Latin America. A pioneering company in the TV media browser space, Oregan is devoted to an open standards approach and cross-industry collaboration. With its hybrid television delivery solution tailored for the Latin American market, Oregan sees the region as a key area for operational and commercial expansion. With approximately 200,000 Onyx-powered IPTV units already shipped in the region since 2010, the Latam market is expected to continue playing a significant part in Oregan's deployment portfolio.