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Oregan Networks Ltd.


SparQ™, the next-generation of Oregan’s STB client middleware solution for Pay TV operators offers the highest levels of content security, whilst enabling introduction of must-have convergence features and an open modular architecture across both Linux, RDK and Android TV ecosystems.

  • SparQ encapsulates the trends towards collaborative open source development, cloud-based agile product deployment and modular solution architecture.
  • The SparQ architecture allows for an elegant co-existence of multiple content and revenue protection solutions, thus empowering deploying operators to offer multiple Over the Top Services with varied content security requirements.
  • The solution has built-in capabilities for remote device management, analytics and QoS monitoring.
  • SparQ features video streaming optimisation enhancements: Multicast Adaptive Bit Rate Streaming (mABR) in conjunction with MPEG-DASH, Cloud PVR, Catch-up and Time-shifting.
  • The solution is offered as a Pay TV system transformation suite, which includes an in-field Legacy CPE upgrade methodology, delivering core feature parity across new generation STBs and legacy hardware.

Committed to the Global Android TV Ecosystem

The SparQ solution heralds Oregan’s commitment to the Android TV roadmap with a telco-grade solution that is customisable, secure and yields itself to regular feature upgrades as required by the Android ecosystem. The solution is offered in conjunction with integration and maintenance services, as well as Oregan’s complementary technology modules enabling delivery of DVB and ISDB-T broadcast programming, Multicast, PVR, Conditional Access, device management and analytics with dynamic QoS management.

As an established technology supplier and systems integrator in the Pay TV market, Oregan has a sustainable competitive advantage in the traditional, large-scale telco-grade context. The company’s skill set and value contribution to a project extends beyond the provision of a software stack, which is offered as a set of best-of-breed enabling technology components. Instead, Oregan provides a complete range of software and hardware product development skills and processes, combined with a solid experience of end-to-end system integration and device security expertise required for development of a high end commercial content distribution product.

Cloud-based Media and Device Analytics

SparQ™ delivers detailed near real-time device data gathering capabilities capturing all significant user, media and network events and states, as they occur. The data is subsequently passed to either a cloud-based or on-premises data aggregator where it may be accessed and analysed to gain multiple insights:

  • Device status and usage reports;
  • Errors condition information and rich data for efficient resolution;
  • Hardware resource usage reports;
  • Media Event Reports, including start, stop, trickmodes, buffering, channel change times, and Adaptive Bit Rate performance.
  • User behaviour monitoring providing insights into how users discover and watch linear TV, Cloud PVR and on demand programming.

Extending the Roadmap of Legacy Hardware with the Latest Content Delivery Features

Oregan’s middleware makes it feasible to introduce new Over the Top content services and applications on customer’s devices that were deployed as part of the first wave of IPTV and hybrid broadcast deployments. Whilst the richness and performance of the User Experience is enhanced by Oregan’s latest UX technologies to maximise the capabilities of the underlying silicon, the scope for upgrading the media delivery features can be broad and ambitious, bringing legacy devices in line with the latest cloud-centric models, as well as enabling improved video streaming standards for both linear and on-demand content consumption.


On 24th September 2019, Oregan Networks acquired the assets of Zenterio AB and assumed operation of the development and support teams in Linköping, Sweden and Guadalajara, Mexico.