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Accedo and Oregan Networks partner to deliver the future Pay TV experience for Operators

Stockholm and London, 11 April 2019 – Accedo, the video experience pioneer and Oregan Networks, have announced a strategic partnership to provide next generation Pay TV solutions to the video industry.

“We’re seeing considerable shifts in the industry at the moment. Traditional ways of setting up and running a Pay TV service are changing. Accedo’s leading position as an OTT solution vendor coupled with Oregan’s expertise as one of the innovators for IP distributed Pay TV services make us ideal partners. We believe that our combined offering will be exactly what the market requires,” says Michael Lantz, CEO, Accedo.

The joint solution will combine elements from the Accedo One™ video experience platform with Oregan’s SparQ middleware for Android TV, offering operators faster delivery of a modern Pay TV experience. The scale of Accedo’s global services organisation enables customers to benefit from the new partnership immediately.

“Oregan plus Accedo is a highly synergistic alliance covering the entire spectrum of Pay TV delivery workflows – from creative vision, integration with head-end, back-office and consumer hardware devices – to the complete Android TV Operator Tier product lifecycle management. Both companies have invested substantially into the best of breed components and product development practices in their respective fields of expertise”, commented Mark Perry, CEO, Oregan Networks.

Accedo and Oregan will present the new offering to selected customers in Q2 2019 with a full market launch at Broadcast Asia in June 2019.

About Accedo

Accedo is the trusted video experience transformation pioneer improving the lives of video consumers by the hundreds of millions. Over the years, Accedo has earned the trust of the world’s leading video service providers – customers to whom two goals are paramount: explore new opportunities to monetize video and transform video services to meet rapidly changing consumer expectations.

With this in mind Accedo has developed Accedo One™, the first cloud platform dedicated to providing operators, broadcasters and brands with the freedom to build, manage and deploy high-quality, engaging video experiences the way they want to.


About Oregan Networks

Oregan Networks provides SparQ, a Pay TV middleware and UX solution for digital media devices, along with expert System Integration and engineering services for broadcasters and telecom operators. Oregan powers millions of Digital TV devices deployed internationally by leading telecoms and video service providers, including British Telecom, Telefonica, NTT Communications and Sony Entertainment.


Media Contact:
Helen Weedon
Communications Manager, Accedo
+44 1570 434632
+44 7733 231922

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Friend MTS ASiD watermarking integrated with Oregan’s SparQ Android TV Middleware

Birmingham, UK – April 5, 2019 – Friend MTS, the Emmy Award-winning content and revenue protection specialist, today announced that it has brought premium content level security to Android TV by integrating its ASiD subscriber watermarking with Oregan Networks’ Android TV Operator Tier solution.

The ASiD subscriber-level watermarking and monitoring for Android Operator Tier platforms allows service providers to rapidly and cost-effectively identify illegal content redistribution, and revoke the access of the subscribers responsible for the theft in a matter of minutes.

Simon Hanna, Regional Vice President, EMEA at Friend MTS, said: “We’ve witnessed a significant increase in the level of interest in Android TV from across the operator landscape, including tier-one pay TV platforms delivering premium sports and entertainment content. These key players require a high level of protection against streaming piracy, and this is where subscriber-level watermarking has been proven to make a real difference.”

Mark Perry, CEO of Oregan Networks added: “Oregan is delighted to be delivering a future-proof solution which secures high quality premium content across a range of devices and services with Friend MTS’ advanced watermarking. With the growing proliferation of Android TV devices in the telecoms and broadcast segments, the importance of enabling appropriate levels of content protection is heightened, making this UHD/HD solution an indispensable part of the content delivery value chain, for the purposes of safeguarding revenues and ensuring continued growth of the subscriber base.”

Android TV commercialisation solutions from Oregan Networks combine the company’s SparQ for Android middleware and an Operator Tier Launcher product with expert system integration services, tailored for pay TV providers deploying Android TV solutions across OTT, IPTV, and Hybrid Broadcast networks, delivering live and on-demand premium 4K UHD / HD services, including major league sports content.

Friend MTS’ ASiD is the most widely deployed subscriber-level watermarking solution globally. Suitable for live channels, pay-per-view events and on-demand video, the watermarking is imperceptible to viewers and scalable for the largest live events. ASiD has been independently tested for robustness and evaluated by ‘golden eyes’, making it Hollywood Studio-approved and meeting the demands of major sports rights owners.

Visitors to NAB 2019 will be able to learn more about ASiD watermarking for Android TV by visiting booth SU8921. More details about Friend MTS are available at

About Friend MTS

Friend MTS protects content and revenues for many of the world’s largest media and entertainment companies. Its broadcast and OTT security services protect premium live channels and events, as well as on demand entertainment programming from illegal redistribution. The company’s Emmy Award-winning portfolio of managed services includes global monitoring using advanced network forensics technology and fingerprint-based automatic content recognition. This enables detailed insights on illicit video consumption and network-level piracy mitigation. The monitoring capability, coupled with the world’s most deployed subscriber-level watermarking technology and direct integrations with subscriber management systems, allows the rapid, automated termination of illegal sources of service or content theft.

About Oregan Networks

Oregan Networks provides SparQ, an open middleware and UX solution for multi-screen client devices, along with expert Pay TV System Integration and engineering services for broadcasters and telecoms operators. Oregan powers millions of Digital TV devices deployed internationally by leading telecoms and video service providers, including British Telecom, Telefonica, NTT Communications and Sony Entertainment.

Media contact:
Nora Ellish
+1 (917) 744-9200

Friend MTS contact:
Neil Sharpe
+44 (0) 203 588 2106

Oregan Networks contact:
Milya Timergaleyeva
+44 (0) 20 8846 0990

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Oregan Continues to Lead Legacy Migration Momentum, Engages New FMC Telecoms Account

London, UK – August 21, 2018 – Oregan Networks, a pioneering embedded technology company which specialises in carrier-grade Pay TV client solutions, today celebrates the success of its long-term product strategy to address the technological and commercial challenges of transitioning obsolete Pay TV operations towards OTT content delivery systems and an evolved user experience.

Oregan has engaged a multi-year software and services contract to transition legacy STBs to a new multi-screen headend system. In parallel, Oregan’s SparQ middleware and professional services team will address the next-generation product based on Google’s Android™ TV OS. A detailed feasibility study, including risk and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) assessments, have already determined the technical and commercial viability of the project. The next phase will enable deployed legacy Set Top Boxes to deliver cloud-based video services, a refreshed user experience and support the latest open digital rights management systems.

The core value of the unique technology assets and professional services that Oregan contributes is in the harmonisation of the content services, streaming technologies, user experience and security standards across last decade’s IPTV CPE and next-generation Android based devices. A proven process of finely-tuned operational steps developed by Oregan enables a safe and secure remote software upgrade which fully replaces obsolete middleware with Oregan’s open standards-based solution. The driving force behind the migration initiatives is the unavoidable consumer trend towards non-linear OTT services, as well as introducing technology and process agility that is now a standard requirement from the post-market product evolution perspective.

Oregan’s pedigree and implementation experience in the legacy Pay TV migration market allows the company to approach the planning and execution of such projects with utmost precision and elegance. The key success criteria in this market is the ability to apply a holistic end-to-end process that takes into account the intricate dependencies across the entire spectrum of moving parts: from the underlying silicon hardware – to encoding and content security, supporting cloud-based DRM and watermarking services. A combination of proven technology components, methodology and Oregan’s latest achievements in client-side user experience optimisation is a powerful formula which inspires confidence in its global base of telecoms and MSO customers.

About Oregan Networks

Oregan Networks provides an open middleware solution for multi-screen client devices, along with expert system integration services for broadcast and telecoms operators. Oregan powers millions of Digital TV devices deployed internationally by leading telecoms and video service providers, including British Telecom, Telefonica, NTT Communications and Sony Entertainment.

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Oregan Launches SparQ™, the next-gen STB Client Middleware for Legacy Linux STBs and Android TV

SparQ™, the next-generation of Oregan’s STB client middleware solution for Pay TV operators offers the highest levels of content security, whilst enabling introduction of must-have convergence features and an open modular architecture across both Linux and Android TV ecosystems.

  • SparQ encapsulates the trends towards collaborative open source development, cloud-based agile product deployment and modular solution architecture.

  • The SparQ architecture allows for an elegant co-existence of multiple content and revenue protection solutions, thus empowering deploying operators to offer multiple Over the Top Services with varied content security requirements.

  • The solution has built-in capabilities for remote device management, analytics and QoS monitoring.

  • SparQ features video streaming optimisation enhancements: Multicast Adaptive Bit Rate Streaming (mABR) in conjunction with MPEG-DASH, HLS, Cloud PVR, Catch-up and Time-shifting.

  • The solution is offered as a Pay TV system transformation suite, which includes an in-field Legacy CPE upgrade methodology, delivering core feature parity across new generation STBs and legacy hardware.

London, UK – May 21, 2018 – Oregan Networks, a leading supplier of digital TV software and services for over 20 years, unveils SparQ™: the latest version of its advanced STB client middleware solution which captures the trend towards open source distributed development and cloud-based content delivery platforms. Leaning on its unique expertise and experience in optimising middleware code for the most challenging and resource-limited STB platforms in the field, Oregan is able to provide a platform that resolves the disparity between current security and performance requirements of modern-day TV services and the hardware capabilities of STBs that were deployed up to a decade ago, thus lifting the limits on subscribers’ access to premium content and apps on legacy devices.

Mark Perry, CEO of Oregan Networks commented, ‘The philosophy behind SparQ transcends many layers of operational and economic benefits, providing the features that MSOs identify as key requirements during consultations with Oregan. SparQ is a new breed of middleware that is fluid in the way it is developed, evolved and interfaced with other components within the end-to-end ecosystem. It is open and standards-based, whilst also being designed for optimal security and robustness. The SparQ code base has been substantially refined and extended from previous versions of Oregan’s middleware, to enable operators to effectively assimilate unmanaged network content using the latest delivery standards, whilst continuing to leverage managed networks where they exist, hence differentiating in terms of quality of service, experience and convenience’.

Committed to the Global Android TV Ecosystem

The SparQ solution heralds Oregan’s commitment to the Android TV roadmap with a telco-grade solution that is customisable, secure and yields itself to regular feature upgrades as required by the Android ecosystem. The solution is offered in conjunction with integration and maintenance services, as well as Oregan’s complementary technology modules enabling delivery of DVB and ISDB-T broadcast programming, Multicast, PVR, Conditional Access, device management and analytics with dynamic QoS management.

As an established technology supplier and systems integrator in the Pay TV market, Oregan has a sustainable competitive advantage in the traditional, large-scale telco-grade context. The company’s skill set and value contribution to a project extends beyond the provision of a software stack, which is offered as a set of best-of-breed enabling technology components. Instead, Oregan provides a complete range of software and hardware product development skills and processes, combined with a solid experience of end-to-end system integration and device security expertise required for development of a high end commercial content distribution product.

Cloud-based Media and Device Analytics

SparQ™ delivers detailed near real-time device data gathering capabilities capturing all significant user, media and network events and states, as they occur. The data is subsequently passed to either a cloud-based or on-premises data aggregator where it may be accessed and analysed to gain multiple insights:

  • Device status and usage reports;
  • Errors condition information and rich data for efficient resolution;
  • Hardware resource usage reports;
  • Media Event Reports, including start, stop, trickmodes, buffering, channel change times, and Adaptive Bit Rate performance.
  • User behaviour monitoring providing insights into how users discover and watch linear TV, Cloud PVR and on demand programming.

Extending the Roadmap of Legacy Hardware with the Latest Content Delivery Features

Oregan’s middleware makes it feasible to introduce new Over the Top content services and applications on customer’s devices that were deployed as part of the first wave of IPTV and hybrid broadcast deployments. Whilst the richness and performance of the User Experience is enhanced by Oregan’s latest UX technologies to maximise the capabilities of the underlying silicon, the scope for upgrading the media delivery features can be broad and ambitious, bringing legacy devices in line with the latest cloud-centric models, as well as enabling improved video streaming standards for both linear and on-demand content consumption.

About Oregan Networks

Oregan Networks provides an open Pay TV client middleware platform and expert system integration services for telecom operators and MSOs. Oregan powers millions of Digital TV devices deployed by leading telecoms and digital media product manufacturers, including British Telecom, Telefonica, NTT, Sony, Philips and Sharp.

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