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Expert Engineering Services

Oregan is an Agile house specialising in end-to-end program management, system integration and product life-cycle management in the Android TV Operator Tier market. At the core of our methodology are proven and powerful product development workflows for multi-vendor tier-one MSO projects.

Agile & DevOps-oriented Software Development

Oregan’s track record in the development of bespoke video delivery solutions for Pay TV Operators, allows us to apply tried and tested methods for product planning, in line with the latest Agile development trends and best practices.

  • A versatile team combining creative and process-oriented experts will conduct detailed discussions with the key stakeholders to determine global goals for innovation, including operational, commercial and branding objectives. The requirements are documented, shared and prioritised.
  • A plan and a roadmap towards completion and evolution reflects best practices, emerging trends and takes into account existing systems and processes.
  • Building a product is always a collaborative effort of multiple teams, which are distributed across the value chain, geographic locations and functions.