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SparQ - Android TV Operator Tier Custom Launcher

The SparQ Operator Tier Custom Launcher is crafted with high performance and security in mind, using best Java coding practices and ensuring aggressive service KPIs are met for device and application start up, navigation, stream initiation, EPG data ingest and multi-source search. 

Oregan’s Operator Tier Custom Launcher is a fast time to market solution for operators who wish to launch Android TV, whilst maintaining uniqueness and differentiation

Oregan’s SparQ Launcher goes beyond custom graphics and navigation flow: a layer of functional APIs for stream data parsing, user authentication and commerce are delivered for each individual customer.

The user experience is fully integrated with the operators backoffice APIs by Oregan, and leverages Oregan Android TV Middleware on operator’s CPE devices where appropriate, as well as running on retail Android TV devices.

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