Automated Test & QA Services

Ensuring Stability, Performance, Compliance and Security

Quality Assurance and Device Certification Services

Oregan offers a comprehensive suite of Quality Assurance and Certification services, provided by highly qualified engineers specializing in video services delivery pipeline.

Automation test suites cover multiple aspects of the video service and offer continuity of test scripts across the entire middleware stack: from User Experience – to WiFi signal strength, broadcast video decode, TR-069 and device upgrade. 

Each project uses a bespoke test suite, consisting of application- and device-specific collection of test cases, carefully classified and stored in a structured format.

Product maturity matrix visualization offers product managers real-time decision making tools.

DevOps CI/CD & root cause analysis

Oregan’s test suite is rolled out as an integral and organic component of the Agile product development and maintenance workflow. 

Continuous system and unit testing are performed with a holistic objective of driving forward the level of system maturity.  

Our engineering experts meticulously work to isolate any regression issues and determine root cause by zooming into the anomalies occurring across the entire stack components. 

Test Automation - At the core of our Velocity and Process Efficiency

Ecosystem-wide test case orientation

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Trust the Oregan team to deliver on challenging OTT, IPTV and DVB project milestones, allowing you to focus on delighting customers and generating new revenues