Enabling Broadcast-Quality Experience

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Oregan extends and commercialises the Android TV platform with its SparQ Middleware technologies and SparQ Operator Tier Launcher  to enable crucial operational capabilities and product differentiation for tier-1 network operators.

SparQ Operator Tier Launcher & TV Apps

The SparQ Operator Tier Launcher is crafted with high performance and security in mind, using best Java coding practices and ensuring aggressive service KPIs are met for device and application start up, navigation, stream initiation, EPG data ingest and multi-source search.

The main applications and use cases provided by an Operator Tier Android TV user experience include:

Oregan’s SparQ Launcher goes beyond custom graphics and navigation flow: a layer of functional APIs for stream data parsing, user authentication and commerce are delivered for each individual customer.

Oregan’s Operator Tier Launcher is a time to market solution for operators who wish to launch Android TV, whilst maintaining uniqueness and differentiation from a standard Android TV product.

The user experience is fully integrated with the operators backoffice APIs by Oregan, and leverages Oregan SparQ Middleware on operator’s CPE devices where appropriate, as well as running on retail Android TV devices.

SparQ Custom Launcher UX

SparQ Middleware

Multi-network DVB with fast channel change, Multicast IP, TR-069/135, Multicast ABR, Upgrade & Analytics capabilities are amongst the core critical building blocks comprising a true operator tier product.

The approach allows operators to engage a single vendor for delivery, system integration and certification of Android TV middleware across multiple chipsets and STB hardware models, followed by unified Google-mandated post-market maintenance services

STB Commercialisation

Oregan takes a hands-on role in specifying and integrating Android TV STBs, including STB hardware specification and OEM vendor selection assistance where required:

  • STB solutions commercialised by Oregan are delivered on low-cost Google-approved and Google-certified SOCs, with appropriate DRM and Content Vendor certifications (Netflix, Amazon).
  • Oregan extends Android TV (GTVS) with its SparQ middleware and technologies that are critical for tier-1 managed network operators, delivering DVB, ISDB-T, Multicast, TR-069/135, Upgrade & Analytics capabilities.
  • The solution is 100% hardware-agnostic, ensuring that the operator is able to run the same unified software stack across multiple chipsets and STB hardware models.
  • Oregan’s expert engineering team works alongside operator’s product team and ecosystem partners to define, develop and commercialise the Android TV product and user experience, whilst fulfilling the role of Android TV integrator and program manager.
  • Continuous integration and build management services are offered in conjunction with Android version uplifts, security patches, performance optimisations, security audits and quality assurance.
  • A well-established maintenance process ensures all updates and improvements are efficiently deployed to the field for at least 3 years from launch, meeting Google GTVS / TADA licensing requirements.