Oregan Upcycles Megacable’s Hybrid Cable TV Receivers with Netflix and Amazon Prime Video services

Megacable Enables Sustainable Environmental Practices by Extending STB Lifecycle

London, UK – 14 June 2022 – Oregan Networks, a British digital video software and systems consultancy announces the release of its new STB upcycling project for Megacable Comunicaciones, Mexico’s leading cable operator.  The latest release of Linux-based Zenterio OS enables significant User Experience performance gains, as well as enabling access to crucial premium content applications, such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video on the installed base of STBs.  

Megacable provides a full range of communications and home entertainment services within 250 cities in 25 states of Mexico. The STB software upgrade will address approximately 1.5 million hybrid cable television devices in the field, delivering linear content over the existing cable infrastructure, whilst adding new services from cloud-based OTT sources.

The implementation aims to harmonise the content offering and User Experience across Megacable’s new-generation Android TV CPE and the widely deployed Linux STBs, which have been updated by Oregan with a faster UX engine and up-to-date security enhancements to securely deliver premium SVOD applications. As the Latin American market increasingly gains importance among content service providers, with a greater portion of premium app catalogues available in Spanish, the ability to offer these services across all deployed devices becomes a de-facto requirement for a successful managed Pay TV service.

A fundamental reengineering of the STB software undertaken by Oregan goes further to deliver a transition to a modern non-linear video delivery solution, integration with additional content delivery ecosystems, and continuous evolution of digital rights management technologies, thus increasing the life expectancy of the existing STB devices in consumer’s homes, in line with sustainable computing initiatives adopted by Megacable as part of its environmental preservation mandates.

Oregan’s CEO Mark Perry commented, ‘As a specialist video platform systems integrator, we are pleased with the achievements we’ve made in optimising and enhancing Megacable’s STB software architecture, in close collaboration with Netflix and Amazon.  Our objective is to utilise Oregan’s unique skills and experience to revitalise the Pay TV offering and elevate Megacable’s position in the market, without incurring the financial and environmental costs associated with purchasing and shipping new devices.’

Gerardo Seifert, the CMO of Megacable said, ‘Our recent service update with Oregan’s software enhancements delivers on Megacable’s commitment to providing an exceptional user experience and popular content, particularly enriching the non-linear experience. The ability to deliver a consistent video offering across incumbent Linux STBs which represent the majority of our deployment today,  and the next-gen Android TV devices, allows us to address the issue of rapid hardware obsolescence and contributes to our corporate green technology stance, which goes beyond a simple cost saving paradigm.‘

About Megacable

Leading Mexican Company that provides Entertainment, Telecommunications and Information Technology Services for the residential, business, carrier and public sector markets.

The Company has a presence in 29 states of the country and in more than 400 cities, including Guadalajara, Puebla, Toluca, León, Veracruz, Hermosillo, Culiacán, Morelia, Querétaro and Torreón. At the end of March 2022, Megacable had more than 3.8 million broadband Internet subscribers, 3.5 million Cable TV subscribers and more than 3 million telephone customers. The network extends to 67.1 thousand kilometers, covering about 9.7 million homes.

About Oregan Networks

Oregan Networks is an agile engineering specialist serving its international customer base of Pay TV operators from development and support centres in the UK, Scandinavia, APAC and Latin America. Oregan’s core expertise in digital video spans decades of innovation in technology and processes, enabling it to effectively lead an end-to-end product management cycle – from design to post-market evolution. 

As a Google System Integration partner for Android TV, Oregan is enabling transition to new paradigms of content distribution and monetization with Android TV technologies and ecosystem partners. 

In September 2019 Oregan acquired the assets and technical operations of Zenterio, a former Nokia Digital TV solutions spin-out, consolidating its engineering capabilities and customer base.

Oregan powers millions of Digital TV devices deployed internationally by leading telecoms and video service providers, including Megacable, Forthnet, British Telecom, Telefonica, NTT Communications and Sony Entertainment.

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